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Attending a boarding school in Ireland offers two key experiences for your child, living independently from home for a year or more, and the opportunity to become fluent in English.

The boarding school experience offers students at second level a rich educational experience, the academics, sports, music & more, but mostly the experience of being part of the dynamic of a peer group, who live, eat and play together, while striving for academic achievement.

The Irish system offers a unique blend of the traditional boarding school model & the historic Irish traditions of saints & scholars, world famous literature & music, enterprise & creativity, in a modern english speaking European state.

School fees for Irish boarding schools are very price competitive when compared to similar schools in the UK & mainland Europe.

IRISH BOARDING SCHOOLS recognize that immersion programmes offer the optimum opportunity for your child to learn a second language and become fluent for life. Attending boarding school in Ireland for a year or longer will ensure that your child experiences 100% immersion.

The unique benefit of this boarding school based immersion is that they will experience and feel the english language in its natural environment, and 'live the language', hearing & using expressions, words and phrases in context.


IRISH BOARDING SCHOOLS can help you find the perfect school for your child. Attending a boarding school in Ireland offers a variety of experiences and finding the correct school for your son or daughter can be a challenge. Focussed only on full time boarding schools in Ireland, & based on our unique thorough knowledge of all these available schools, we will guide you to find the best option for your child.

Securing a place in an Irish boarding school can be difficult, based on places available, application procedures and student requirements. Ireland’s exam system is different to the Spanish system, and one must ensure that the year chosen will provide the best opportunities at the selected school, whilst minimising disruption to & enhancing their Spanish education.

We treat every family as a new and unique client, through a series of meetings and calls we will ensure that the unique needs of your family are catered for in choosing your child's Irish boarding school.

  • Meet and discuss requirements
  • Shortlist of schools for application
  • Personalised & detailed estimate of total price for academic year
  • Preparation for interview (intense one on one child preparation optional)
  • School visit arrangements if required
  • Guardianship arrangements
  • Selection of extra curricular activities (music lessons, extra English support etc)
  • Travel arrangements (optional)
  • School uniform & supplies ordering (optional)
  • Student preparation course (optional)
  • Ongoing monitoring & contact with school (optional)


Dee McDonnell, Director

Dee is based between Dublin & Madrid, Dee is a qualified accountant who has achieved professional roles in the business worlds of professional practice, financial controlling, corporate consulting, project management & risk management, & education.

Dee is mother to a boy & girl who have been schooled at boarding school between Ireland & Spain, & has a natural passion to help growing children engage fruitfully in academics, languages, music, art & sports.​

In addition to the practical arrangements required for a child living away from home & learning English, Dee is interested in the key personal relationships & individual understanding required to make the very best choice of school for each individual child.

"I understand completely the challenges, sacrifices and difficult decisions we parents face when sending our children away to school. I believe that I am in a good position to help you through this process and share the benefits of my experience"


Depending on the selected school, boarding school fees range from €10000 to €25000 each year (paid directly to the school).


Consultancy including selection of school, application process & guardianship arrangements, & basic interview preparation for parents & child if required (excludes cost of school fees)


Pre-travel Child Preparation:  200€

Child interview preparation, assessment of English language level, cultural adjustment, how school in Ireland works, subject choices & overview - 2 hours

Travel Arrangements: 400€

Organisation & booking of childs travel to/from school (excluding cost of flights), airport transfers, based on school calendar

School Supplies: 200€

Ordering all school books & stationary supplies, sports gear & school uniform (excluding costs of supplies)

Ongoing Monitoring: 100€ per month

We will remain in contact with the school & obtain monthly updates on your childs progress


We do not accept commission from any schools, we are fully impartial when it comes to the selection of a suitable school for your child. Our fees are payable at the beginning of the process, we will only recommend schools for application where there are available places, fees are for the selection and application process only, not subject to child being accepted.


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